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Las Vegas Convention Center

26th & 27th April 2023

10AM - 5PM WED & 10AM - 4PM THUR

Apr 26 & 27 / 2023

LVCC, Las Vegas

Jeff Fettes: Speaking at the Call and Contact Center Expo USA

Jeff Fettes

CEO & Founder  -  Laivly

The Evolution of Real-Time Digital QA

QA is evolving in the Call Center due to the power of attended AI. Traditionally, QA is done in arrears with coaching used to improve agent performance over time. Learn how with next-gen agent assist tools, technology can be used to provide proactive QA and real-time AI oversight to catch mistakes before they happen. It allows managers to put guardrails on the most important interactions, preventing high-cost human errors proactively, adding new AI-driven real-time controls and guidance across your tech stack. Join Laivly CEO Jeff Fettes as he discusses how this new technology can add digital oversight in a work-from-home environment, provide new layers of brand protection, dramatically improve speed-to-production, ramp, training, and turnover all while improving QA metrics across your program.