16-17 MAR 2022

Las Vegas Convention Center

Mar 16 & 17 / 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Gabriela Smith-Sherman & Samantha Dizor-Carter: Speaking at the Call and Contact Center Expo USA

Gabriela Smith-Sherman & Samantha Dizor-Carter

Director, GRC / FedRAMP  -  MindPoint Group

Avoid Your Colonial Pipeline Event: Cyber Hygiene is Your Business

May earlier this year, cyber attackers penetrated and held at ransom the operators of a gas pipeline responsible for supplying aviation fuel, auto gas, and diesel. The result was widespread chaos on the east coast, and a $5m ransom, but the impacts are far-ranging and business-altering. The question is: how does your business becoming another statistic?

Good cyber hygiene is the answer. Cyber hygiene is a critical need for all businesses, and starts with the fundamentals including vulnerability scanning, web application scanning, phishing campaigns, and penetration testing. It doesn’t stop there, though. Learn about the steps your business needs to take today to improve your cyber hygiene, and avoid the brand damage, cost, and downtime that will result if you ignore the responsibility.