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Apr 24 & 25 / 2024

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A revolutionary step forward in knowledge management, Shelf is an enterprise knowledge management solution built for the modern world. As the first knowledge automation platform, Shelf automates time-consuming knowledge work so enterprises can deliver trusted, up-to-date, and accurate answers to customers and employees.

Legacy and traditional knowledge solutions offer a place to store and manage knowledge—Shelf provides an entire knowledge infrastructure you need to create a great customer experience. At Shelf, we treat each piece of knowledge as a valuable gem worth protecting and distributing to anyone in need.

Shelf boosts productivity for support agents and knowledge searchers by delivering answers within self-service portals, web forms, chat solutions, CRMs, contact center platforms, and other support apps. Our knowledge infrastructure is open and extensible, complete with SDKs, APIs, and pre-built integrations enterprises need.

Behind the scenes, Shelf’s MerlinAI uses intent data to suggest the best answer in any connected channel. On the backend, knowledge managers can identify gaps between questions and answers and manage the entire content publishing process. Need to quickly find something? Shelf's pinpoint search provides a smooth, industry-leading search experience employees will love.

Deliver the right answer, in the right place, at the right time—every time...with Shelf.

Tel: 833.200.8222

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