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Las Vegas Convention Center

April 24th & 25th 2024

Apr 24 & 25 / 2024

LVCC, Las Vegas


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Yactraq is based in Vancouver, Canada, and provides a best in class scalable voice analytics platform that enables brands to increase productivity in customer care, increase sales and revenue and better train an retain their agents across all types of call centers.

Our omni-channel approach means we can also provide analytics for text based conversations (SMS, email, Whatsapp, etc.). Beyond the standard quality control offered by most other vendors, we also provide advanced predictive machine learning and AI for lead qualification, real-time agent training/agent assists BOTs, all at a surprisingly low price in the marketplace, and can support and scale small call centers of 30+ agents, or those with 10,000+ agents.

Yactraq supports more than 40 languages with extremely high quality and accuracy rates, and works across multiple verticals. We can offer cloud based deployments, or on-premise depending on your security requirements, and are PCI & GDPR compliant.

Beyond the call center, we can also provide insights and marketing intelligence for your product, sales, and marketing teams, further increasing the value of the data you’re already collecting. YacTraq also provides a full predictive machine learning suite, as well as real-time agent assist BOTs powered by AI.

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