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April 24th & 25th 2024


Apr 24 & 25 / 2024

LVCC, Las Vegas

Private AI

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Private AI’s industry leading de-identification technology is the best in the world at finding, redacting, and generating synthetic PII within semi- and unstructured datasets. We hit 99.5%+ accuracy in 47+ languages across 50+ different entity types, and deploy as a Docker container within our partners' existing infrastructure so that their data never leaves their environment and is never shared with us. Ever.

With Private AI you can:

- Effectively de-identify customer call transcripts or chat logs. - Unlock insights from data sets that were previously untouchable because of privacy concerns.

- Securely store datasets to provide peace-of-mind and establish trust with your customers.

- Achieve privacy compliance quickly and easily without sacrificing downstream model accuracy.

Try our web demo today: private-ai.com/conf

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