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Mar 16 & 17 / 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Cyber, Data and Smart Security

Confidentiality. Integrity. Availability.

These are the primary goals of security that The Call & Contact Center Expo recognizes is a necessity for all business, regardless of industry. From opening emails to installing hardware in the office, companies are susceptible to multiple channels of hacking. Maintaining the security of the company and the customer ensures that business can proceed without the headache of unwanted and unexpected loss. With hundreds of suppliers and exhibitors at The Call & Contact Center Expo, revamping the business security models are a top priority in delivering the best results in workflow productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Cyber Security.

Cyber risks are now the #1 concern across all businesses
- 2019 Travelers Risk Index.

The ability to maintain the security of computers, information technology, and now the emerging virtual reality systems is much more than utilizing defensive tools. Building relationships with the right security professionals and gaining access to the latest cyber security information can keep your company safe from security breaches and cyber attacks.

Data Security.

The Average Total Cost of a Data Breach is $3.86 Million
- IBM sponsored study by Ponemon Institute

Protecting the data of a company, both internal information and customer information, keeps unwanted actions away from unauthorized users and data breaches. Fulfilling the needs of data security and reinforcing the protection and preservation of company data not only benefits the integrity of the company, but allows the safekeeping of customer confidentiality.

Smart Security: The Emerging Technology.

Every 39 Seconds, A Hacker Attack Occurs.
- 2017 Clark School Study at The University of Maryland.

Discovering new avenues of security can keep your company ahead of the unprecedented techniques and methods hackers develop in the attempt to gain access to company and customer information. Facial and voice recognition, security in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and enhanced camera systems are just some of the topics that are covered in smart security.