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Mar 16 & 17 / 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Customer + User Experience

Maximize The Customer & User Experience

The Call & Contact Center Expo is the ultimate destination for C + UX expertise and the latest in 2021 trends and innovations, including developments in AI, cloud technology, and omnichannel strategies to enhance the customer journey.

Discover the tools, knowledge, and methods your company can implement to enhance the customer and user experience, so you can build, expand, and solidify a loyal customer base and provide a dedicated and positive customer and user experience.

Customer Experience (CX) is a vital aspect to every industry. For every successful company, the customer journey is what counts.

  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Automotive
  • Insurance
  • Gaming

Creating opportunities to build a relationship that is based in quality servicing, products, and commitment is needed for any company that seeks to thrive in the evolving market. The Call & Contact Center Expo focuses on access to the following features of customer experience and user experience:

The Core of CX

Brand Touchpoints. Environment. Interaction.

Brand touchpoints allow for companies to follow and maintain a relationship with its customers throughout their entire experience.
Environment is where the customers find themselves when they communicate with their company. Convenient and useful digital space is a vital aspect to a successful environment.
Interaction should lead the customer through a positive journey and demonstrate the company’s dedication to the customer’s needs.

User Experience (UX) is a key part of the overall customer journey, wherein a user experience is marked by a single or multiple interactions of a program, service, or system between customer and company. Account creation and purchasing options are just some of the examples of user experience.

The Core of UX

Design. Interface. Function.

A design that captures the brand and message of the company offers reinforcement for the customer’s journey and the company’s dedication.
Interface that is easy to use and understand opens the doors for any customer to utilize a company’s program, service, or system.
Function is key to providing a program, service, or system that performs the tasks customers need to fulfill their journey with the company.

Results of a Successful C + UX Strategy

Feedback. Satisfaction. Loyalty.