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April 16th & 17th 2025

Apr 16 & 17 / 2025

LVCC, Las Vegas

Cloudlinx: Are you buying contact center tech intelligently?

Here is a brief excerpt from the contact center as a service (“CCaaS”) Buyers Guide

As a contact center manager, you’re in the business of supporting clients, operationalizing the customer experience, and driving value with your agents, not managing complex hardware and software solutions involving dozens of moving parts. Contact Center tools are not a commoditized service like an internet pipe. The buying process is amazingly complex and there are many genuinely complicated “gotchas” that you need to worry about prior to your beginning down the road to a successful purchase and install.

Sorting out items like the completeness of a suppliers offering, who has the team ready to implement, what is going to cost extra, are the integrations as solid as they are stating and does a third party rating service comparing CCaaS providers against each other matter when looking to source a solution for my particular business are just some of the questions that have to be sorted. Once you understand the enormity of the project before you, it will inevitably cause you to take a step back and consider the most critical question of the project: “Are we ready to take this on?”

For the complete “BUYER’S GUIDE” click here. Before you begin your migration process make sure you connect with one of our professionals for a free Q & A discussion.

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