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26th & 27th April 2023

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Apr 26 & 27 / 2023

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Contact Center Advisory & Migration Specialists
Our firm specializes in helping clients make intelligent buying decisions when considering a new contact center software or any other aspect of the CX tech stack. Our clients can sift through the confusion a trade show presents & the crowded contact center market by collaborating with contact center experts who take their needs & use then 20 years of experience to help them find the right suppliers to enable their agents and rive their mission statement.

Our process allows you to avoid the common missteps & false-starts that plague a contact center migration while ensuring that your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Common questions we are asked once clients understand our businesses value to their project:

  • How are you paid?

  • -We monetize normally through commissions from suppliers and don’t charge you a fee.

  • How does this work to my advantage?

  • -We are not paid until your project is successful & billing. This ensure that we work on your behalf more so than a traditional payment for consulting by incenting us to find the right supplier for the long term.

  • Do you have preferred suppliers?

  • -We work with all suppliers agnostically. We do not care which supplier you choose so long as they are right for your business.

  • Do you pass us off to junior reps?

  • -No, you will work with the three owners throughout your engagement

Tel: 212-849-2270

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