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Las Vegas Convention Center

April 24th & 25th 2024


Apr 24 & 25 / 2024

LVCC, Las Vegas


The Botrepreneurs Conversational AI community is built on two pillars: networking events, both virtual as IRL, and live interviews on Linkedin.

Virtual Networking Events
No program, no pitches, no Powerpoints. Not a massive Zoom meeting with a handful of people talking and the others listening. There are already enough of those. Right? Walk around in the virtual conference room and meet inspiring people! Only when you’re close enough to each other you can have a conversation. Go for “serendipity”, meet people from your country or check out “topic areas" like Conversation Design, NLU, Linguistics, Copywriting, Platforms, Voice or Jobs to meet the professionals you’re looking for.

IRL Networking Events
Let’s face it: the most memorable and fun parts of IRL conferences are the breaks between the sessions. Right? Those serendipitous moments of networking and connecting with peers, colleagues, and friends. New and old, talking about the many challenging but fun problems we have to solve every day during our conversational AI journeys. After the first IRL event in Amsterdam, plans are made for 2023 for London, Sao Paolo and Bangkok, the sky is the limit ??

Live Interviews
By hosting live interviews on LinkedIn with inspiring people from the community knowledge is shared in an open and fun way. Viewers questions are answered instantly, keeping things dynamic.

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