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Striking gold: GenerativeAI’s dance between efficiency and human touch in customer management’s tomorrow

The future of Customer Experience hinges on the adaptability of training models leveraging vast data sets within Generative AI, integrated into advanced customer management software. This synergy unlocks unprecedented potential, paving the way for transformative advancements in customer engagement.

The processing power and interpretative capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) driving Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) have caughteveryone's attention. While Social Networks, one of the greatest revolutions in our century's interaction landscape, took 2.5 years to reach 100 million users, ChatGPT surpassed that figure within its first two months.

The ability of deep learning models to absorb and interpret vast amounts of information makes Generative AI a perfect tool for streamlining customer management operations. Efficiencies brought by this technology already translate into a productivity increase of 30% to 50% (Boston Consulting Group).However, the paradigm has evolved to prioritize efficiency, often at the expense of customer sentiment and final experience.

Thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP), granting AI the ability to understand language akin to humans, the implementation of intelligent voice bots has proliferated as an alternative to human agents. With this tactic,customer service has evolved to a system where 80% of interactions are handled by Generative AI, reducing the number of calls attended by humans. However, this system fails to commit to providing quality, personalized, and valuable experiences to customers.


Generative AI as an advisor to Human Agents

The rules of the game are changing. A new approach emerges where AI and humans collaborate to generate valuable experiences for customers. Services are evolving towards operational activities managed by humans but driven by Generative AI. The role of the agent transforms into a specialist, responsible for orchestrating the final customer experience, becoming a Customer eXperience Professional.

In this approach, Generative AI tools assist and empower the agent, boosting productivity and enhancing the customer experience. Within a unified interface, the agent has access to all the features that Generative AI can offer during interactions: instant conversation summaries, extracting and completing userinformation, analyzing customer sentiment, offering real-time action recommendations, etc.

With this assistance, the Customer eXperience Professional can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, delegating conversation to intelligent voice bots when their intervention is no longer necessary. They can monitor the customer experience continuously, thanks to the Customer eXperience Index provided inreal-time by the AI software, capturing customer sentiment.

This revolution in customer service leads to higher customer satisfaction indexes, thanks to the constant human being supervision.


Where to Implement Generative AI in CustomerManagement to enhance Customer Experience?

This new approach, where we harness the advantages of AI to enhance customer management processes, not to replace human labor, also generates Generative AI-driven software that directly impacts operations. Specifically:

-Generative AI to optimize resource management: Agile information and natural language processing elevate data comprehension to a new level. By driving Generative AI towards purely productive activities, softwaretrained with customer service management algorithms allows service managers to make informed decisions in resource usage optimizationfor productivity and efficiency enhancement. Generative AI also enables real-time management and optimization of these resources, with constant monitoring of key productivity indexes. Machine Learning mechanisms facilitating continuous learning of this AI can also be trained during agent-customer interactions. Algorithms cross-reference this learned information with service-specific business KPIs to produce real-time recommendations for agent's best actions to enhance these indicators. Thus, Generative AI empowers the agent as the final decision-maker, driving objective service indicators.

-Generative AI for real omnichannel experience: Once again, NLP capabilities that comprehend conversations and conduct them in natural language enable the automation of routine interactions where human intervention would be redundant. This function facilitates interaction with the customer across different channels within the same conversation, tailoring their experience based on their position in the customer journey and needs. For instance, an interaction starting with a video call agent could evolve into intelligent appointment management via Whatsapp, followed by automatic reminder or alert dispatch. Implementing Generative AI evolves to offer automatic customer satisfaction surveys or voice bots trained with exclusive knowledge, capable of providing effective and immediate conversational responses.

-Generative AI for employee management: Keeping employees connected via chat, video, or call, providing filtered corporate communications tailored by position, level, campaign, or group, offering a knowledge base with numerous interactive courses, monitoring agent interactions, granting access for self-management of corporate benefits,etc. All in a single interface powered by Generative AI that facilitates employee management across any service, homogenizing information and resulting in improved productivity, efficiency, and work environment.

-Generative AI for quality enhancement: Absorbing, interpreting, and generating valuable content based on information define Generative AI. Applying these automatic processes to customer management service analysis, we drive integrated tools in software capable of recording and transcribing voice and text, even anonymizing them, not only to meet quality standards but also to analyze, in real-time, customer sentiment. Interpreting conversations as they happen, Generative AI can also detect agent discourse adherence to predefined scripts, giving advisors theability to correct in real-time.

And integrating all these possibilities into a single suite would revolutionize the customer service management model in the future of Customer eXperience.