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Reflecting on Customer Experience in 2023 and Looking Forward

When we look back on 2023 in terms of customer experience, it’s easy to focus primarily on the widespread adoption of new technologies, such as AI chatbots and a wide range of data analysis tools. However, countless other facts and figures that need to be focused on before planning your approach going forward.

With 97-98% of consumers and contact center managers in agreement that customer service interactions play a major role in brand loyalty, and competition at an all-time high, having a bulletproof CX plan has never been more vital. We’re going to break down some core statistics for 2023, offering some actions to take in their context.

Customer service needs to be a priority

It’s vital to keep in mind just how serious customers are about getting a stellar experience. In fact, 81% of customers say that positive experiences will increase their chances of making repeat purchases, meaning however good your product might be, ensuring a positive interaction still needs to be a priority. 

Tip: Regularly review your customer service approach, comparing it with the performance of your business overall. 


Phone interactions are king but often fall short

Despite living in an age where cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence have never been more accessible, phone-based service is still an essential element of any CX plan, with around 80% of customers preferring it over other CS channels. However, many businesses are losing sight of how important this channel is, with 61% of consumers hanging up on calls with agents due to frustration. 

Tip: Make sure to invest plenty of time and money into strong phone CS infrastructure, training your team sufficiently. 


Thoughtfulness goes a long way

Something true since the inception of customer service channels is that beyond simply having a problem solved, customers want to feel heard and understood, with 86% of consumers valuing empathy as a powerful element of relationship-building with brands. Despite this importance, around 73% of customers feel they’ve been treated rudely by agents in the last year, indicative of a general decline in CS quality

Tip: Train your customer service staff diligently to be compassionate and empathetic, regardless of the situation.


There’s an AI divide between professionals and customers

One of the core customer experience topics on every professional’s mind these days is the integration of AI into operations. Within the business, it’s clear that leaders are excited about its utilization, with 94% of them believing it can enhance customer service. However, only 47% of consumers say that they prefer a website with a chatbot, showing that human interactions still need to be prioritized. 

Tip: While you can’t ignore AI when taking steps in your own business, you also need to make sure it never becomes a crutch or substitute for excellent human interaction.


Personalization is vital

A core aspect of the modern customer experience is personalization. People want to know that they’re more than just numbers on a screen, with experiences feeling curated especially for them. 80% of consumers say that personalized experiences influence them to buy from brands, while brands that employ personalization effectively are 1.5x more likely to inspire customer loyalty.

Tip: Make sure that your database solutions are comprehensive and easy to access – this will make your personalization efforts more straightforward.


Your reputation is at stake

Remember that whatever you do in terms of service and experience is fodder for your customers to share with you and other potential clients. With 85% of agents agreeing that customers are more likely than ever to share both positive and negative experiences, every interaction could end up impacting your reputation. It's up to you to ensure that only the good stories are being told.

Tip: Take all of the advice and information on board and work as hard as possible to ensure interactions are positive. Word of mouth goes a long way. 

With all this in mind, it’s important to note that CX quality fell for 19% of brands in 2022, hitting new lows that haven’t been seen in 17 years. While there are countless reasons for this, including the ongoing recovery since COVID-19, it poses a unique opportunity for business owners. 

So many people are losing sight of just how important the customer experience is, so if you can make it a core facet of your business plan, you have unprecedented potential to stand out and succeed.