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A new Human 2 Human Customer Experience made real by Generative AI

As AI becomes more integrated into society, particularly Generative AI, theContact Center industry faces a new and exciting challenge: incorporating this technology to enrich and enhance services.

In the last few years, we have witnessed the application of technologies such as IVRs and AI bots, aiming to cut costs by minimizing calls. However, these solutions have not effectively met customer demands.

Generative AI's advanced LLM (Large Language Models) allows for a new approach. It requires an innovative integration of human intelligence andadvanced Generative AI to make technology accessible and enhance customer interactions, making them more effective and sophisticated.

Although Gartner has reported a reduction of labor costs for contact center agents in 2026 of $80 billion thanks to conversational AI, should companies evolve towards AI-driven interactions, sacrificing the human touch (CX) for efficiency? Or should they strike to find the perfect balance?

Businesses probably don’t have to choose anymore.

There is a new approach possible. One that integrates human intelligence and generative AI in one single solution that enhances human intelligence and empathy taking advantage of the efficiencies generated by AI, without forgetting about consistent excellent customer experience.


New approach: new set of professional skills

This new approach is closer to the view of Andy Jassy, ??CEO of Amazon, who says that “Generative AI is going to transform every Customer Experience, making it much more accessible for everyday developers, and even business users, to utilize”.

This should be perceived as a unique opportunity to leverage the important added value of a good customer care service for companies, improving intelligence and human empathy and merging it to the efficiency of AI. This new transformation sets the course for contact center operators to evolve into Customer Experience (CX) professionals.

The new profile of agents plays a central role in orchestrating, assisting and monitoring various AI bots simultaneously. Customer Experience professionals can now concentrate on more specialized and strategic competencies, and focus on the most relevant asset for brands: customer experience.

Human first

An outstanding customer experience demands a “human first” approach. And the human first approach requires an immediate response for the customer from an agent, a human welcome. This formula calls for a model in which all calls are initially handled by a human agent: Human 2 Human.

The human AI-augmented agent will be trained to use and leverage technology and AI in order to satisfy all of the customer’s requirements and achieve an outstanding customer experience. The CX professional will always remainavailable to the customer, regardless of the number of interactions managedand the technology they might use as support.

Essential features of Generative AI-powered software toensure the Human 2 Human approach in Contact Centers

Generative AI can support the CX professional in different ways:

Co-pilot: With its analytical, language processing and prediction capabilities,Generative AI presents specific personalized actions to the agent in real time. The CX professional supervises them and decides which ones are appropriate in each case.

Real-time summary: LLMs understand vast amounts of information for summarization. This synthesis function of the AI enables the operator to quickly grasp what is happening in each interaction they supervise. The agent will not have to ask the customer for a repetition of any previous conversations.

Facing customer’s expectations: The assistance of AI during interactions goes beyond just delivering a response to a customer's query. It also proactively provides solutions to the customer’s needs.

Real-time management of business KPIs: Generative AI can be trained to provide intelligence that assists CX professionals in decision- making. The operator monitors the percentage of customer satisfaction in real-time, even if the customer is temporarily assisted by AI. The CX professional should also be able to supervise, in real time, the service quality index.