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Las Vegas Convention Center

April 16th & 17th 2025

Apr 16 & 17 / 2025

LVCC, Las Vegas

Technology Trail

Discover new solutions in customer engagement technology in our curated trail

Having a solid technology sourcing strategy is vital for any business focused on customer engagement, with more customer service channels arising every year. However, with so many different service providers and software vendors in today’s market, finding the right option for your business can be a time-consuming process.

That’s why we curate our Tech Trail.

Within our exhibition hall, we’ll be organizing a logical trail for our attendees to follow, allowing them to come into contact with representatives from all of the most essential sectors of CX technology. Through the steps of the this technology sourcing trail, visitors will get a clearer picture of the kinds of tools that every customer-facting business needs in the 21st century.

Check out our picks for the Tech Trail below!

  • Openstream.ai
  • LinkLive
  • BrainCX
  • UJET
  • Cleardesk

Experience the lasted CX solutions