Las Vegas Convention Center

16th & 17th March 2022

10AM - 5PM WED & 10AM - 4PM THUR

Mar 16 & 17 / 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Vaibhav Garg: Speaking at the Call and Contact Center Expo USA

Vaibhav Garg

Sr. Director of Cybersecurity Research & Public Policy - Comcast Cable

Reprogramming the Cyber Kobayashi Maru

The fundamental problem of cybersecurity is the asymmetry between the attacker and the defender. Attackers can focus on a specific area of the attack surface, whereas the defender has to secure all of it. Thus, the defender’s resources by design must be orders of magnitude greater than that of the defender. This model of defense assumes that all of the attack surface is equally valuable or exposed. However, in practice cybersecurity risk is often concentrated. This talk describes how an in-house research team can help identify and address different areas of concentrated risk from core cryptography to device security.