16-17 MAR 2022

Las Vegas Convention Center

Mar 16 & 17 / 2022

LVCC, Las Vegas

Fred Stacey: Speaking at the Call and Contact Center Expo USA

Fred Stacey

General Manager  -  Outsource Consultants

How Your Apathy Toward Technology Undermines Your BPO Partner Selection

Contact center technology is a moving target.

By now, most organizations have embraced the notion that cloud-based technology is here to stay, and are rapidly abandoning their premise-based systems. It’s a transition that, while incomplete, is well underway.

But if you’re resting on your laurels, assuming that your work is done just because you’ve moved your contact center to the cloud, you’re in for a rude awakening. Cutting the premise cord is the bare minimum if you hope to stay competitive and provide the best possible experience for your customers and agents alike.

Embracing the unlimited options that cloud technology offers clearly offers CX benefits, but that’s just the beginning. Taking charge of your technology can have a massive impact on your ability to select the right outsource contact center partner. Historically, brands relied on BPOs to provide or recommend technology. The technology itself was almost always a factor in selecting an outsource provider, and often weighed heavily on who made the shortlist.

That doesn’t have to be - and shouldn’t be - the case in 2021. This session will show you how owning your contact center technology is one of the most effective ways to elevate your outsourcing strategy.