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Krisp: The Key to Clear Communication for Contact Centers

Hybrid work and open-space offices have presented many challenges for contact centers, particularly in terms of background noise and voices. Children, pets, and other household distractions, as well as open office spaces and employee-packed offices, can make it difficult for agents to provide the professional and efficient customer service expected of them. Thankfully, Krisp is here to solve this problem.

Krisp is an AI-powered noise-cancellation software that eliminates real-time background noises and voices. It uses artificial intelligence to separate human speech from background noise and removes the latter, producing clear audio for both the employee and the customer. Contact center agents can work from anywhere without worrying about background noise interfering with their calls.

One of the most significant advantages of Krisp for contact center employees is that it allows them to work from home without sacrificing the quality of their customer service. With Krisp, employees can work in a quiet and comfortable environment, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction. According to Nathan Yap, CEO of SupportZebra, reduced noise complaints by 78%, customers reported a 6% reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT), and an 8% increase in customer satisfaction score (CSAT).

Krisp is also beneficial for employees who work in a shared office space. Open-plan offices can be a source of constant distractions, with noise levels often reaching uncomfortable levels. With Krisp, contact center employees can work in a quiet environment, even if they are surrounded by noise. This can lead to increased focus and concentration, improving customer service and overall job performance.

Ryan Maund, Chief Product and Innovation Officer at Sitel Group, said Krisp supports their “digital deflection of customer interactions and provides superior customer experiences for our clients and their customers through live voice interactions.”

In addition, Krisp is easy to use and can be integrated with various communication platforms. It is compatible with popular platforms such as RingCentral, Avaya, and Genesys, as well as Zoom, Skype, and Teams, making it easy for contact center employees to use regardless of the communication platform their company uses.

Krisp is a game changer for contact center employees. It eliminates background noise and allows employees to work in a quiet and comfortable environment, whether working from home or in a shared office. This leads to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and better customer service. With Krisp, contact center employees can communicate clearly and efficiently, resulting in a better overall experience. From Teleperformance to Startek and Concentrix to Transcom, Krisp has been around to save the day.