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Customer Experience: Enhancing Callback Queues

Are you using callback queues to enhance your customer experience? If the answer is no, you should seriously reconsider. Would you rather wait for a representative to pick up (listening to repetitive hold messages and terrible music) or request a call back when a rep becomes available? It’s probably the latter.Three-quarters (75%) of people prefer callbacks over waiting “patiently” over the phone. When implemented correctly, consumers and agents experience a friendlier conversation, improving customer satisfaction and reducing abandonment rates.  However, even when people choose the callback option, many people won’t answer the phone even if they’re expecting a call. Nearly 3 in 5 people (59%) said they missed a return call because they didn’t recognize the number. Quite frankly, scammers and other bad actors are ruining the calling experience for companies and consumers alike. When people won’t answer, call center agents waste a lot of time making repeat calls and less time getting down to business. Branded Calling for Call Centers For a seamless (and vastly improved) customer experience, call and contact centers should turn to branded calling as the answer. When a person knows who’s calling, they’re more likely to answer and they’re more prepared to have those meaningful conversations. In fact, 90% of people say they feel comfortable answering a branded call. People are demanding a better call experience.  The Proof With INFORM text-based branded communication, call centers have seen a 76% boost in first call conversion rates. They have also seen an increase in revenue and operational efficiency. Discover how INFORM can help you connect, communicate, and convert – leading to happier clients and customers. Visit firstorion.com/inform today.Learn more about First Orion and other companies like them at next year's Call & Contact Center Expo!   Be on the lookout for more information!!