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Apr 16 & 17 / 2025

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Breaking the Bonds of Supply Chain Stress:

Breaking the Bonds of Supply Chain Stress:
Finding fresh solutions to new challenges.

Worldwide supply chain issues and shipping delays make it challenging for consumers to find what they’re looking for. Add in The Great Resignation of labor shortages, and frustration grows and tempers can flare among your customers. Here’s how contact centers have an opportunity to be the calm in the storm.

Nearly 60% of consumers report product unavailability or significant delays. If that weren’t enough, five million people have left the workforce since the start of the pandemic, resulting in a massive shortfall in staffing across industries.

The result: Worried and unhappy customers, and an uptick in customer service calls.

So what’s a contact center to do? Here are three tips from one of the top CCaaS providers. (AKA us.)

Communication Is The Key

What do people expect from their interactions with contact centers?


These needs are critical, especially during times of stress and turmoil. So how can agents reinforce a positive brand image, even in the face of challenges? By using strategic communication.

To get there, contact centers need customized, guided interactions, change scripts and communication flows. These can instantly "mold" to what is happening in real time, helping agents address customer concerns with helpful alternatives.

In addition, these tools will help keep messaging consistent across teams.

Providing Multiple Points of Contact

Fact: There are many ways for people to connect and communicate.

So if your organization is only focusing on one or two platforms, devices or channels, you will be missing out—big time.

For example, the Harvard Business Review reported that 73% of shoppers used multiple channels during their purchasing journey. In fact, the more channels customers use, the more valuable they are with a higher number of purchases and increased spend compared with shoppers who used only one channel.

By implementing an omnichannel strategy, you increase your business opportunities by opening different avenues for your customers to communicate and engage with you. This also improves customer service since the integrated experience provides a more cohesive way for people to connect when and how they want.

With Data Comes Speed and Agility

You may have heard that “data is the new uranium.” It is.

McKinsey & Company reports that when contact centers use analytics to help them generate actionable insights about their business, the results are reduced costs, increased revenue, and higher customer satisfaction scores.

In addition to service, support and solutions, people want information that is delivered clearly, concisely and quickly.

When you are able to keep track of what is going on with your day-to-day communications, you can make communication flow adjustments on the fly, leading to better customer-agent interactions, which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction and the ability to weather the supply chain and labor shortage storms.

It doesn’t take a magic wand to ease the supply chain and labor shortage binds. It takes a contact center solution partner committed to your success year-round. Come check us out at the Call & Contact Center Expo on March 21st & 22nd in Las Vegas, NV. This is event is free for all and you can register here for tickets.