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Sept 1 & 2 / 2021

LVCC, Las Vegas


Secure and authentic data plays a pivotal role in any organization, thus we believe security must be affordable to everyone across. But cybersecurity is largely a task-dependent on human intelligence, intuitions and strategic response: which thus is challenging to maintain and scale at a sustainable rate for most organizations. Which drives us to our vision: Securing people and data of an enterprise and transforming methodologies and technologies by zeroing on security automation, data intelligence and compliance.

TIKAJ helps organizations gather and sense cyber threats well ahead of time, by gathering external threat intelligence, which ranges from Anti-phishing, Mobile application monitoring, Social Media Tracks, monitoring fringe discussion forums like Discord, Telegram, and Gab - to Deep and Dark Web Monitoring, Grey and Black Marketplaces, Data breach monitoring.

Through its Security As A Service, TIKAJ is helping enterprises detect and alleviate cyber threats and maintain business coherence via cumulative data intelligence gathered by our engines, expert human intelligence, augmented with our additional services, such as:

- Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
- Anti-phishing and Anti-Rouge Takedown Service
- Around the clock Brand Abuse Monitoring
- Around the clock Mobile Applications and Social Media Monitoring
- Dark web monitoring
- 24X7 Security Operations Center

TIKAJ in addition is also helping in mitigating cyber threats via industry compliant SaaS solutions that go about as augmentation of your current abilities of battling digital assaults.

Few of our solutions, which helps enterprises to defend their infrastructure:

- Dellect: Intelligent Security Incident and Event Management with AI-powered UEBA and End-point analytics
- PhishGrid: Not just a Phishing Simulation Platform
- DMARC+: DMARC processing and reporting platform

We at TIKAJ as an organization are committed to create an innovative and secured platform for organizations across the globe. Each organization is unique and has an individual and exceptional issue to tackle with, and we love to devise an answer that is ideal and optimal for you!


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