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We are a neuroscience of play, behavioral sciences, and technology-led ideas and product company. Human focus design led, our approach is to gamify behaviours and amplify business outcomes using our digital as well as physical products and solutions.


Our SaaS based platform solutions are deployed across large MNC BPOs, Banking & Insurance, Retail and Engineering Organizations with sustained, positive business outcomes. 


We have 3 lines of businesses: 

  • EmpXaas- Gamified Employee life cycle experience and performance management through SaaS-based platforms 

  • Gamification COE - Gamification Consulting &; Gamified product ideation, Research, and Development.

  • PlaytoLearn - Gamified Psychometric and skill assessments 


A Contact Centre Use Case – Major International Banking Contact Centre


Partnering with us on  building a Client Obsessed Culture transformation journey, one of the largest International bank identified and embraced the idea of using gamification in their global contact centres with an objective to bring build deeper customer relationships and an energized sales environment in the workforce.

They decided to deploy gamification in learning, assessment and operations management across the entire agent lifecycle, right from onboarding, new hire training, on-the-job training and floor operations, resulting in sustained and outstanding business and customer outcomes.

  • Best in class NPS performance

  • FCR sustained at 90%

  • Increase of lead generation from 8% to 20%

  • Conversion rate increased from 30% to over 45%

  • Revenue increased by 15%

  • Attrition reduction by 5%

  • Employee engagement went up by 75%

  • Transformation from a cost center to a profit center

Gamification is now an integral part of the call center’s operational strategy.  Taking it to the next level, we are now partnering with the client to continuously optimize and amplify customer focused outcomes using out TGC Growth Index Framework that tracks, measures and enhances Productivity, Efficiency, Capability and Happiness Index of the workforce.

How did we do it?

By leveraging our neuroscience of play and Octalysis based cloud platform “Coroebus™”, the bank launched “The Game of Phones”, a perfect way to turn every working day into fun and engaging. Designed to engage, motivate, and enable the officers to optimize their potential, the platform helped in amplifying the individuals as well as organization’s performance. 


Our Ethos of Gamification - Embedded in Behavioral Sciences 

  • The Be –Establish the Belief (Build a culture of self-governance and excellence)

  • The Do –Actions, gamify the processes at play (Keep it Fun, Engaging ; Help people optimize their potential)

  • The Have –Gamify the desired Outcomes we seek –ROI (Clear Tangible Outcomes)

Game Construct, Features & Game Mechanics – Neuroscience of Play & Octalysis Principles Embedded


  • With the overarching theme of the “Olympics”, the game had many creative & tactical configurable mini themes built into it. The first theme was Formula1 (F1), followed by Cricket and League of Legends.

  • Multi-level game construct enabled participation across levels – Agents, Team Leaders and Leadership 

  • Ensured engagement, ownership and accountability through personalization of avatars, teams logos and personalized dashboards for each participant as well as teams.

  • Senior leadership team participation in the game by donning the mantle of mentors to value add & guide their teams to victory.

  • Business KPIs aligned to game elements suppressing the limbic brain reactions towards mundane KPIs and engaging the pre-frontal cortex through immersive points, badges, leaderboards, dashboards and rewards.

  • Balance of intrinsic as well as extrinsic rewards strategy to ensure short term as well as long term gratification.

  • Target setting and achievement was balanced between self-optimization and competition resulting in a feeling of “I can win as well!” for the average and poor performers.

Performance Reporting and Amplification – Leveraging Technology

  • Distribution of reports, leaderboards and dashboards across the floor through Mobile, Desktop and large TV Screens kept the buzz going 24x7.

  • AI driven performance amplification at individual and team level through tactical nudges, reward and rank notifications ensured there was constant focus on optimizing performance.

  • Enterprise level reporting and analytics allowed for proactive game strategy enhancements and tweaking. 

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