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April 24th & 25th 2024


Apr 24 & 25 / 2024

LVCC, Las Vegas

SliceX AI

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SliceX AI is a pioneering AI/ML company whose mission is to make next-generation artificial intelligence universally accessible. Its innovative machine learning platform enables anyone to analyze, classify, reason, answer, embed, or generate content for applications in any vertical. Now, businesses and developers around the world can power their products with breakthrough AI solutions at low cost & unprecedented speeds (predict in microseconds), with easy customization & instant deployment (within minutes), running privately on any hardware—from the Cloud to personal laptops, mobile devices, smart home assistants and more.

Are you interested in automating and scaling your customer support workflows; understanding user intents; detecting sentiment, emotions or toxicity in customer conversations; predictive analytics; powering question answering or search capability and more? Use one of our pre-trained SliceX AI APIs out-of-the-box, customize your own AI or compose different SliceX AI APIs to create end-to-end product solutions.

Grab your slice of AI today and supercharge your products on Cloud, Edge or even your browser! Contact us: info@slicex.ai or https://slicex.ai/Contact.

About Us: SliceX AI was founded by a seasoned AI executive and leadership team that invented and launched core AI/ML tech for billion-user products at Google AI, Meta AI and Amazon Alexa. These technologies power conversational AI, the world’s largest-scale Graph ML platform, On-device ML for Android, OSS platforms like TensorFlow Lite for Edge ML and other industry-leading ML technologies used by billions of people across billions of devices. Join our amazing team of talented folks formerly from Google, Meta, Amazon, Stanford.

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