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Apr 26 & 27 / 2023

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Dialfire - the Dialer Cloud - is a zero-investment, cloud-based contact center platform with outbound predictive dialer and blended inbound. 

From New York to Sydney, from Los Angeles to Capetown, from Berlin to an island vacation home office, the Dialer Cloud offers its users ease of use, reliability and great voice quality with a range of local carriers. 

The teams of call centers and other phone campaigning companies work at a single location or distributedly, with agents and contacts in different timezones, in a single language or several, with 5 or 500 telemarketers and with an unlimited number of agents per campaign at no additional cost. 

Dialfire users can set up complete outbound campaigns in less than 5 minutes, directly from their browser and without the need for installation or fixed costs.

The complete call center platform with its multi-level, pre-defined as well as customizable campaigns, including email, SMS and mail merge features gives campaign managers full freedom in the optimization and personalisation of their campaigns. Scripts and APIs ensure seamless integration with external systems. 

Dialfire was developed in Germany with over 20 years of experience in the industry and is today the most popular predictive dialer in Germany with many customers worldwide. 

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