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Apr 24 & 25 / 2024

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Cinareo Solutions Inc.

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Capacity planning is easy to say, but hard to do right.

Failure to get capacity planning right can yield heavy costs for organizations. Overstaffing and understaffing can negatively affect the call center in tangible and intangible ways.

The goal is to strive to be as accurate as possible in the determination of the workload and workforce, meet service level objectives, achieve optimal agent productivity, and maximize customer and employee satisfaction……and what if you get it wrong?

Being 1% wrong in a 130-seat contact centre can cost up to $860,000.

Cinareo™ is an innovative, cloud-based Workforce Management (WFM) application that sets a new standard for strategic capacity planning and decision support for omni-channel contact centre environments. It closes the gaps in capacity planning, financial analysis and scenario modelling by helping you build a strategic forecast using a simple step-by-step wizard to determine staffing, budget and recruitment and training requirements.

Need to give your staff a raise, but don’t have the budget?

Need to know when to start training new agents to meet productivity targets?

Need to add a new service channel?

Cinareo™ offers efficient and accurate planning capabilities – including recruitment and training planning - that eliminates the need for unsustainable Excel spreadsheets. You can also enhance executive decision-making with multi-variable “What if?” questions in mere seconds to allow your organization to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Find out how Cinareo™ can help you address your own capacity planning challenges.

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