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April 24th & 25th 2024


Apr 24 & 25 / 2024

LVCC, Las Vegas

Aigo.ai Inc

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Conversations require Cognition.
Cognition requires Brain.
Therefore, Conversations require Brain.

Without a Brain, Chat bots and Conversational AI systems are just (Stochastic) Parrots.

Aigo.ai is the World’s First and Only Chat bot with a Brain.

Aigo’s brain is developed by linguists and cognitive psychologists led by Visionary and Pioneer in AI Peter Voss, a radically different approach with no Big Data and no Deep Learning (DL).

This brain gives Aigo Cognitive Skills and Common-sense Knowledge that allow Aigo to deliver Hyper-Personalized Conversations @Scale 24x7 for millions of Customers fundamentally transforming their experience and radically increasing their loyalty & engagement.

Call Centers are now (post-Pandemic) facing trifecta of pain with increase in

a. Call Volumes with Customers demanding Personalized Service
b. Cost of human agents (hiring, training, retention programs, tools, facilities, utilities etc) and
c. Attrition rates with majority of human agents leaving in weeks

With Aigo, Call Centers do not need human agents, not as many.

Using Aigo, call center leaders are significantly reducing the costs while increasing customer satisfaction by providing 24x7 hyper-personalized service for millions of customers through all channels.

Best part of Aigo is that it is hosted behind enterprise customer’s firewall and Aigo is both industry & domain agnostic.

Aigo delivers an Enterprise Brain (not a Bot) for the organization and a User Brain for each one of your customers/employees. The same Brain is used by all chat applications on all channels.

Enterprise customers from various industries are now taking full advantage of Aigo – Chat bot with a
Brain to transform their customer experiences and employee experiences.

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